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Robinson Oil Corporation owns and operates 34 retail convenience stores under our flagship brand Rotten Robbie. We are members of the nation’s largest and most progressive commercial fueling networks, Pacific Pride, CFN and FleetWide offering thousands of fueling locations nationwide. ROC specializes in commercial fleet fueling programs customized to fit your organizations specific needs. Our company provides fuel management solutions for small to large business fleets, over-the-road transportation companies, and government agencies. For over 75 years, ROC has been helping fleets design and implement fuel purchasing policies and management systems designed to lower the total cost of fueling. We offer years of fuel management expertise, advanced technology, and nationwide fueling locations to deliver the control, information management, and efficiency your business demands from a fleet fueling program.

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How the Trucking Industry Could Be Vastly More Efficient: Uber for Trucks City Lab - Transfix is a digital freight marketplace that CEO and co-founder Drew McElroy hopefully but not naively calls the "Uber for trucks." Last week the company won the Six Minute Pitch contest for transportation start-ups held at the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board. The previous winner, TransitScreen, has since gone on to big things, and with nearly $2 million raised to date and Barnes & Noble an early adopter, Transfix is already charting its own course for success. "If you read the studies, they tell you a tremendous amount of money is lost every year from people sitting in traffic," McElroy tells CityLab. "Obviously having trucks in that traffic that are empty is wasteful and ridiculous." Read More >>>